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[STATEMENT] Grave Historical Injustice; Statement on ‘Surprise’ Marcos Burial at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani


November 18, 2016


Reference: Atty. Virginia Lacsa-Suarez Secretary General of KILUSAN (Kilusan para sa Pambansang Demokrasya) 09088159923


Grave Historical Injustice

Statement on ‘Surprise’ Marcos Burial at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani


The Duterte administration will be equated with bringing on the greatest historical Injustice to the Filipino people springing forth from a ruling that exemplifies Duterte’s anti-democratic and autocratic ways.


By their actions, the family of former President Ferdinand Marcos acted like plunderers and thieves as they underhandedly kept the Filipino people in the dark as they capitalized on the Supreme Court decision and the backing of President Duterte to bury the body of the dictator.


Clearly, the Marcoses do not care nor do they feel any remorse for their outright betrayal of the people’s sovereign will which was actualized by their overthrow in 1986. They are mistaken if by burying the body of the dictator, they believe they can bury the crimes along with him.


Yes, he was a soldier but according to a study conducted by the National Historical Commission, his record was “fraught with myths, factual inconsistencies, and lies” such as his medals, his rank and dubious and controversial war record.


He was elected president but one who abused his powers to plunder the country’s coffers and subjected his people to countless rights abuses to perpetuate him and his cronies into power until the people, exercising their sovereign power, relegated the Marcoses to the dust bins of history.


How can such a man be made “worthy of emulation for generations and generations to come” as mandated under the RA 289, which set the qualifications who can be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) or be qualified under the AFP Regulations 161-375 since his record reeks of “moral turpitude”.


This senseless and shameful burial repeats several times the shame that the Marcos regime brought the nation, erases all honors and praises the world has given to the Filipino people for ending the dictatorship and opens the scars and renews the pain and injuries that the people suffered during the dark years of tyranny of the Marcos dictatorship.


We, from Kilusan para sa Pambansang Demokrasya (KILUSAN) are indignant over this betrayal of the people’s sovereign will. This is a dark day for democracy.


We are one with the growing popular movement that asserts the historical fact that Marcos was a tyrant and do not deserve to be at the LNMB. We enjoin everyone to uphold democracy and freedom and oppose all threats and violations of democratic and sovereign rights of the people. ###


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