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[EDITORIAL] Naked Power and Impunity

Guhit ni Alex Uy

The coming change is retrogressive.  Those on the top level of the government themselves drag the country back to the age of barbarism—when there was no system of laws and justice.  Rule was through sheer naked force and violence.


Duterte and his loyal followers consider protests and critical opinions and questions as acts meant to embarrass them.  They are insensitive to the fact that they are the ones who are shameless and causing so much embarrassment to the nation before the whole world.


Duterte does not give any space especially to those that defend human rights and critically observe developments in the Philippines especially on the “war on drugs.”  More than 7,000 have died.  Most if not all the victims were poor.  And Duterte is not yet happy with that figure.  He would “be happy to slaughter” three million drug addicts. The three million, however, comes from a perverted mind also.


This is brandishing raw power like an overlord. Compounding this is non-recognition and wanton violation of the legal and justice systems and processes.  Statements, orders and actions are bereft of reason and often trample upon established systems and processes.


Aside from belittling and twisting laws, they skirt around court procedures to the point of almost dictating on the Supreme Court through justices who are about to retire but are willing to compromise the law and themselves.


Over-zealous Duterte loyalists and conspirators reign over the legislature.  These “leaders,” starting with Duterte, are lawyers but are tragically bent on reversing the integrity of laws and the principles of the legal profession, to which they swore.


They have made a travesty of the process of legislation, especially in the lower house. They have marred the observed formalities of “democratic debate and exchange of views in plenary sessions” with utter disrespect of views that are contrary to the leaders’ proposals.  Voting for the passage of laws is in accordance with one’s loyalty to Duterte, not according to one’s responsibility to the people. One could lose committee chairmanship by voting against the dictates of the overlord and his vassals. With their “supermajority” status the administration’s coalition is turning Congress into a “rubber stamp”.


Instead of attending to solving such basic problems as unemployment and joblessness that mire an increasing number of people in poverty, which breeds desperate and anti-social ways of earning a living, these “lords” aim to divide the country and the Filipino nation.


Duterte continues to weave a scheme to realize his dictatorship.  Aside from opening up the country to foreign plunderers, the salient aim of the scheme to change the Constitution is to give more power to the president such as removing the restrictions in declaring martial law.  Another aim is to divide the country into federal fiefdoms of local patrons or lords.


This continuing state of affairs is sowing a climate of fear that numbs the people into silence, ignorance and helplessness, especially the increasing poor that have been increasingly deprived of the right to life and the right to live with dignity.K


From KILUSAN (Opisyal na Pahayagan ng Kilusan para sa Pambansang Demokrasya) | Year 11 Issue 1 | January 31, 2017


* Artwork: Alex Uy

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