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[WPL] Workers for People’s Liberation (WPL) on the recent announcement of Secretary Bello affecting PAL and PLDT Workers: Back Up Talk With Action


Workers for People’s Liberation (WPL) on the recent announcement of Secretary Bello affecting PAL and PLDT Workers

Back Up Talk With Action


The findings released by Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III found giant firms, PAL and PLDT guilty of violating labor standards especially contracting and subcontracting companies. In both, contractual employees are performing jobs directly related to their core businesses.

Workers for People’s Liberation (WPL-MAKABAYAN), a labor center, believes that it would be premature to rejoice since it is all talk at this point. Now, the announcement is shaping up as an attempt to earn “pogi points” for May 1, Labor Day, rather than a step to eradicate contractualization.

The finding, is what we workers, have been saying all along. If there is something new, is the fact that the Labor Department has finally acknowledged this to be so.

Contractuals are doing the same jobs as regulars.

As in the case of PLDT, the surge of contractuals via contractors and subcontracting companies came after waves of retrenchments and lay-offs. It was designed to weaken the organized rank and file. It would not be farfetched to say that this is not unique to PLDT but is the same in every industry and across the country.

In fact, the massive retrenchment in 2003 and 2007 of PLDT has cases pending in courts is on these grounds.

Lest the Labor Department take all the credit, the fact that the issue of contractualization has captured the public eye and has even been a subject of policy debate, is due to the effort of organized labor to push this to be so.

If the Labor Department would indeed issue a missive to the erring companies, we would expect that it will not buckle under the pressure from these companies.

We are still a long way off from putting an end to contractualization. Ending it is not just good for the workers, it is in fact better for business in the long run. #####


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