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[TRUE COLORS COALITION] Solidarity Statement on Women’s Day #IWD2018



REFERENCE: Jhay de Jesus, True Colors Coalition (TCC) Spokesperson


True Colors Coalition (TCC) sends all women the highest salute and our warmest solidarity on their great day.


Women and LGBTs share the same violence and abuse; our twin sectors continue to link arms in struggle together with other sectors of our people. Out of more than 300 days, only one is given to celebrate and recognize the important contribution of women to humankind. For the rest of the year women continue to suffer violence and discrimination, while they persevere to embrace their role in securing the cycle of life of society.


Many women still continue to struggle, fighting hardships of everyday living, living in poverty, without decent housing, in securing a better life for their families. Many women still continue to fight the pain they are suffering with the lost of their loved-ones because of the war on drugs and the imperialist wars waged in many parts of the world. Around the world, women are put in danger because of the persisting culture of disrespect for people’s rights.


But women will never be silenced and can never be stopped from fighting for a life with dignity and freedom, strengthened by their solidarity with the LGBT community and continuing to fight for justice and for human rights.


The culture of misogyny, sexism and violence thrives, fueled by the current regime, but women are at the forefront of the resistance and struggle. As seen in the courage demonstrated by Senator de Lima, the strength borne by Chief Justice Sereno, and even the conviction expressed by actress Agot Isidro and beauty queen Mariel de Leon against the Duterte regime, women have a long history of fighting not only for the rights of women but of the people as a whole.


On International Women’s Day, we strengthen once again the binding solidarity among women and LGBT together with the people, to win the fight for a truly liberating society, where exploitation of humans by humans no longer exists.

#RagePinay #ResistTyranny


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