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[STATEMENT] Maduro’s Electoral Victory Inspires Stronger International Solidarity with the Venezuelan People


Maduro’s Electoral Victory Inspires Stronger International Solidarity with the Venezuelan People


Again, the Venezuelan people elected Nicolas Maduro their president. Giving him a margin of 4.3 million votes in a doubtlessly clean and efficient election, the people has entrusted him to lead in solving the problems largely created by US imperialist efforts to finish off the Bolivarian project. It is a vote of confidence for his government and the socialists to press on with genuine revolutionary changes.


Through Her Excellency, Ambassador Capaya Rodriguez-Gonzalez, the Kilusan sa Pambansang Demokrasya (KILUSAN), an anti-imperialist and democratic movement in the Philippines, congratulates President Maduro and the Venezuelan people for this triumph in the democratic process. Maduro’s win truly energizes us in solidarity work for the Venezuelan struggle.


We celebrate, we rejoice but we cannot let our guard down.


Since imperialist US realized it was losing its status as the only superpower in the world, it has been frantically finding means to regain lost glory. After it confirmed that Venezuela, a country it used to regard as a part of its backyard, was among the few countries standing under the anti-imperialist banner, the US swore to inflict great destruction to the Venezuelan government, its economy and its people until it effects regime change. Several times the US threatened direct military intervention.


Recent developments show that the US, with some of its allies and agents, is worsening its aggressive-destructive measures against revolutionary Venezuela. The US declared even before the May 20 election that it was not recognizing the result. The Organization of American States (OAS), with its members largely under pressure from the US, announced on May 29 that it was bringing to the Hague a report on the Venezuelan government’s “crimes against humanity.” It tried but failed to muster enough votes on June 6 to pass a resolution against Venezuela alleging fraud in the recently-held election. Like Panama’s, Argentina’s Switzerland’s announcements against Venezuela, these US-OAS actions aim to justify a tightening of the economic and financial blockade and even a military intervention.


The world should hear the voice of a more energized international solidarity with the Venezuelan people! No to sanctions and intervention in Venezuela!###


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