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[STATEMENT] Desperate Act in the Face of the Bolivarian People’s Assertion of Sovereignty


Statement                                                                                                                                                                           August 7, 2018                                                                                                                                                               

Fidel Fababier, Vice-Chairperson KILUSAN


Desperate Act in the Face of the Bolivarian People’s Assertion of Sovereignty


By using drones carrying bombs in a clear attempt against the life of President Nicolas Maduro, the wielders of state power in the US, along with their cohorts and agents within and outside of Venezuela have shown their most urgent drive for “regime change” in this country.  They bared how brazen these operations could get as they clearly did not consider the people that might get hurt or killed in that operation.  They are so shameless that they conducted that interventionist operation in a televised event for the whole world to see.


We in The Kilusan sa Pambansang Demokrasya (Kilusan), an anti-imperialist and democratic movement in the Philippines convey, through Her Excellency Ambassador Capaya Rodriguez Gonzalez, our support for President Maduro and the Bolivarian Republic.  We condemn the violent attack against the duly elected president and against the sovereignty of people of Venezuela.


As we look at it, different reasons drive the desperation of the attackers.

First is the need of the US economy for wider markets, fields of investments and energy resources, which they could easily get from Venezuela if is led by a neo-liberal and pro-imperialist government.


Second is the intensifying rivalry between US and China.  The US does not want China to “partake” with the natural endowments of Venezuela and make use of this country to broaden and deepen China’s influence in the region.


Third, the US wants to get rid of a leftist government that serves as one of the backbones of the leftist alliance in the entire Latin America


Fourth and most important is the realization that despite the relentless economic sanctions and various forms of economic sabotage, paramilitary operations against Bolivarian leaders and campaigns to isolate the Bolivarian government from the rest of Latin America and the world, and despite the grinding poverty these have brought the people, they still support their government, embrace the socio-economic model that the late Hugo Chavez laid and   reject pro-US and pro-IMF alternatives.


We are encouraged by developments that show people’s participation in pointing out problem areas in the economy and in governance, suggesting measures towards the attainment of their revolutionary goals.


We get inspiration from the Venezuelan experience as well as those of the Cuban, Vietnamese and other peoples in freeing their nations from imperialist domination and in charting their future.


We hope and trust that the Venezuelan people and government would not allow these efforts and the gains of the two decades of building a society that serves the people to go to waste.


As Kilusan continues its campaign against imperialist militarism and war, we raise the issue of intervention and bullying by the US, the OAS, Canada and the European imperialists against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela!


US: Respect Venezuela’s sovereignty and right to self-determination!


Let Venezuela be a bastion of peace!


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