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[STATEMENT] Reject the Lima Group’s and the US’s Ploy to Subvert the Will of the People


Reject the Lima Group’s and the US’s Ploy to Subvert the Will of the People


President Nicolas Maduro’s taking oath today before the Venezuelan Supreme Court Chief Justice is very meaningful not only because it is the beginning of another term for him to lead the Bolivarian project but more so because it signifies the continuing defiance of the Venezuelan people against imperialist impositions and the resolve to chart their own future!


The Kilusan sa Pambansang Demokrasya (KILUSAN), an anti-imperialist and democratic movement in the Philippines, through Her Excellency, Ambassador Capaya Rodriguez Gonzalez, greets President Maduro and the sons and daughters of Bolivar!  Kilusan supports the unflinching stand of the majority of the Venezuelans against the continuing wreaking of havoc, sabotage and other forms of economic strangling and real threat of a coup d’etat and direct military intervention by agents of US imperialism and cohorts in the Lima Group and in the Organization of American States (OAS).


The Lima Group’s call for Maduro to desist from swearing in for another term and hand-over the presidency, albeit temporarily, to the president of the National Assembly is preposterous.  Coming from a group of 12 largely right-wing Latin-American governments (Mexico, the 13th refused to sign) and Canada that have been towing US’s line against Venezuela, the call has neither legal nor moral basis and undermines Venezuela’s sovereignty.


The Lima Group that issued a statement after its meeting in Peru, with US State Secretary Michael Pompeo participating through teleconference on January 4, is imposing sanctions against Venezuela. It pledged to impede high -level Venezuelan government officials from entering their countries and assessing their financial systems.  It plans to restrict general credit lines to Venezuela.  These governments agreed to suspend military cooperation agreements with Venezuela and re-evaluate fly-over permits of Venezuelan airlines.


These moves are in line with the US’s objectives and policies in Venezuela.  The US wants privileged access to Venezuelan oil and other mineral resources.  To make this possible, it needs to install a regime obedient to its dictates and one that embraces neoliberal policies.  For the US, a stable Venezuela should have restrained If not totally exterminated independence and regional integration movements.


Since 1999, the US has not stopped plotting for regime change in Venezuela.  It has been seeking to erase through its cruel economic war any trace of benefits the Bolivarian reforms have given the people.  Now, with eight military bases in Colombia and with the Bolsonaro government in Brazil pledging to “restore democracy” in Venezuela, Trump’s military option is more and more becoming real.


The Venezuelan people have all the reasons to defend their sovereignty and right to build a system that suits the people’s needs.


Peoples in the Americas and around the world should denounce the US, the Lima Group and the OAS for not respecting the will of the Venezuelan people!


No to a coup and or US military intervention in Venezuela!###


Statement                                                                                                                                                                           January 10, 2019

Reference: Fidel H. Fababier, KILUSAN National Vice Chairperson


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