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[STATEMENT] Support the Beleaguered Bolivarian People! Foil the US-Sponsored Coup and Aggression in Venezuela!


Support the Beleaguered Bolivarian People

Foil the US-Sponsored Coup and Aggression in Venezuela


The US-orchestrated coup in Venezuela is not new.  The US has been pursuing regime change throughout the world through sponsored coup cum popular action. What is happening in Venezuela presently is a repeat of the US-EU sponsored “Euromaidan revolution” in Ukraine in 2013-2014. It also brings back to our minds the beginnings of the “civil wars” in Libya and Syria.


The regime change scheme of the US and its allies is directly and blatantly negating and reversing the sovereign will and mandate of the Venezuelan people. The US and its cohorts are fabricating charges, outright lies and fake news to mislead the American and world’s peoples in supporting their insidious plan of invading Venezuela and plundering its resources. The US and its ilk are even waging wars of aggression when all other means fail as they did in Libya and has been doing in Syria.


Peoples and governments adhering to democracy and asserting sovereignty should condemn this grievous breach of the will and sovereignty of the Venezuelan people.


The Kilusan para sa Pambansang Demokrasya (KILUSAN), an anti-imperialist and democratic movement in the Philippines condemns in no uncertain terms US imperialism and the golpistas out to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro and frustrate the Bolivarian project.  KILUSAN, likewise, salutes the people of Venezuela for vigorously opposing US’s intervention and for continuously resisting the restoration of the status of the country as US’s neo-colony.


KILUSAN in confident that the Venezuelan people always keep in mind the lessons of history, particularly the lessons about US’s promises of restoring democracy and making the people enjoy their prosperous lives.  We all know that all the imperialists want is your oil and gold and they only allow their cohorts to live with prosperity.


People around the world unite for Venezuela!


El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido!



January 25, 2019


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