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[True Colors Coalition] Statement on the Discrimination and Violence to our Trans Sister Gretchen Custodio Diez


True Colors Coalition (TCC) Statement on the Discrimination and Violence to our Trans Sister Gretchen Custodio Diez


The LGBT community in the whole world commemorates this year the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riot.  That event demonstrated bravery and continues to inspire the many LGBTs to fight for our rights.  That event likewise showed that we can make big things happen if the entire community is united.

Despite the noise and bright colors displayed in this celebration. However, discrimination continues to be committed against our ranks.  Our sister Gretchen Custodio Diez’s experience shows the great need for a national law that will guarantee protection and defense for our community against discrimination and violence.


What happened to Gretchen Diez is not an isolated case.


We should not forget the death of a 17-year-old transwoman in Novaliches in 2015.  Simeona Eva died from 7 stab wounds inflicted on her.


In 2016, another transwoman experienced discrimination inside a call center in Quezon City where she worked.  The HR personnel of the company themselves instructed her to “use the comfort room according to her assigned sex at birth.”  Roi Galfo complained to the DOLE and NLRC about this but the said agencies did not respond.


During the past year (2018), as the Philippines was celebrating Pride month, a transwoman experienced discrimination inside a boutique in a mall within the Araneta Center.  Paul Bataller was not allowed to try “women’s clothes” because, according to a boutique personnel, she was still a man.  Later, the boutique management apologized to her.


It is saddening that although Quezon City has a Gender-Fair Ordinance passed in 2014, our community continues to experience violence and discrimination in this city.


In June this year, a “#Pridestrian lane” was even designated at the Araneta Center in supposedly in support of Pride Month.  What happened to Pau ang Gretchen, however, shows that such a ploy as (designating #Pridestrian Lane) is just “pinkwashing” or using the LGBT and our legitimate issues to attract customers and earn more for their businesses.


We decry the Araneta Center Administration’s being remiss in educating their establishments on the correct treatment of the LGBT.  We likewise call on our LGBT brothers and sisters to persist in asserting and fighting for our rights.  Now, more than ever, we should unite to win an Anti-Discrimination Law.


For our sister Gretchen Diez, you are not alone.  We are with you in the fight until justice for the discrimination you underwent is won.###


August 14, 2019


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